Har Vokse Price

The Official Harvokse website is featuring two products as part of the hair loss solution. I consider the price affordable considering the benefits of harvokse and the work done to release this amazing product.


The main product is the Har Vokse Hair Growth supplement, one month package costs £34.95.
There is as well the Har Vokse hair Gain Spray, for £34.95 per month


The Dual Package (the recommended package) with the two products in it (for maximum effectiveness) costs £59.90 per month.


Buy Har Vokse From The Official Website

There are of course other options for bulk buying that will save you some money :

4 months package of the supplement + the spray + free shipping = £104.85

6 months supplement package + the spray + free shipping = £139.80


Only Buy Har Vokse by following one of the links in this page, there are fake copies at amazon and ebay promoted everywhere. so be careful.

Buy Har Vokse From The Official Website

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